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Clean & Maintain a Brushless Motor - 4

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Step 7 - Put It Back Together

It's best to clean the rotor right before putting your motor back together so you can assure that no debris will get between the rotor and the freshly cleaned internals of the motor. The best way to clean a rotor is to use a strip of tape wrapped around your finger with the sticky side out. Remove any debris like you would when removing lint from a shirt. You can also brush it off as well.


Now you can put your freshly cleaned motor back together. If you took pictures, use them to make sure you put the motor back together correctly. Take extra time and be sure to do this part right.


Put brushless motor back together



Before you put the motor back into the vehicle, take the time to run the motor slowly to make sure everything is running smoothly. Check all screws to make sure they are tight and re-install into your car or truck.


That's it. Again how often you do this will be determined by how much use the motor gets. Just don't forget to do it and you'll get very long use from your brushless motors.


Here is a quick video of a Novak Brushless being cleaned:






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