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JConcepts Goose Bumps Tires



The stock SC10 tires work great on pavement. They claw at the ground and even make real burning rubber screeching sounds. Take them to the track though and they leave something to be desired. Let's just say it reminded me of trying to drive the Slash on ice last winter. It was seriously that bad.


I picked up some JConcepts Goose Bumps and some new rims to glue them on. I am sticking with the stock rims for the moment for the look.

Made in USA


JConcepts Goose Bumps for SC10



The SC10 rear rims have minor issues with the plastics in the inner rims so I did the JB Weld trick.


SC10 rear rims



Picked up some of that new AKA tire glue and love it. A tiny applicator tube makes for simple gluing. I finished all 4 tires in less than 2 minutes.



Goose Bumps AKA tire glue



Took the SC10 to the track and tested them out and it was night and day difference. These are some incredible tires. I think most tracks will only allow these in the modified class, but right now SC10's are having to race in that class anyway.


Here they are after a day at the track. The tread as well as the glue held up great.


Goosebumps installed and tested


JConcepts Installed SC10



JConcepts Goose Bumps for SC10 - Part #3041




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