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HPI Grave Robber Body


After a dozen lids done, this Grave Robber body from HPI is still one of my all time favorites. It's a large lid which means it fits my extended chassis for the Savage. There are several pieces and the coolest blower yet.


Paint used:

Tamiya PS5 - Black

Tamiya PS48 - Silver Anodized Aluminum

Tamiya PS15 - Metallic Red


HPI Grave Robber Body


Grave Robber Painted Lid Cut


Lexan Paint for RC


There were so many lines on this body that it was difficult to come up with a pattern that would look sleek and cool. I knew this could not be a single color lid.


HPI Polycarbonate Grave Robber


Blower on!


Sweet Blower HPI


HPI Grave Robber Body Complete


Savage body stickered finished




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