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FLM #74000 - Skid Plate Arms for AX10 (101mm)

Made in USA


Fast Lane Machines released some bent links for the Axial AX10. I have FLM stuff on all of my other RC, so I was excited when I saw they were entering the crawler world.


FLM - AX10 Links #74000


I already had upgraded to the Axial bent links and they worked great, but when I saw these I knew I needed these for the bling factor. Plus they are 6061 aluminum so they are strong.


Fast Lane Machines 101mm


Axial Bent Links


I placed these on the back to start. I only found one pair anywhere online when I ordered them, and I wasn't sure how I'd like them. After installing them, they look great and I know I will be ordering another set.


FLM #74000 installed on an AX10


FLM Skid plate links 101mm



Update - I finally found another pair of these and completed the mod. I love how these perform. The delrin skid plates slide right over the rocks.


FLM Links for AX10 completed both sets


Extra Delrin Skid Plates - FLM74010 <--



Fast Lane Machines

FLM Extended TVP's on a Savage





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