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Fox Manufacturing was started by Duke Fox, in 1948 in his parents garage outside Los Angeles, California.


Their .35 Stunt engine was the successful result of experimenting in the late 40's. With a VA loan and partnered by Dale Arnold, they went into production and did so well at AMA's 1949 Nationals that they had offers lined up and waiting. With the success of the Fox .35 Stunt engine, Fox Manufacturing bought its first factory.


Fox Manufacturing moved to their current home, Fort Smith, Arkansas, in 1954. From this location in the Middle South, they had shorter shipping routes as well as a pool of talented labor. We live 5 minutes from our factory. The 1 acre building is in the Heart of Fort Smith's industrial center. It has been here that they've filled out the rest of their hobby engine line from the Fox .15 to the Fox .74 fuel engines and Gas engines from the Fox 2.4 to Fox 11.5.



Fox Manufacturing
5305 Towson Ave.
Fort Smith, AR. 72901
United States of America

Phone: 479-646-1656
Fax: 479-646-1757



Made in USA



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