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Replace a Rotor in Brushless Motor



Brushless motors are designed for very low maintenance. Normally all you need to worry about over time is your bearings, but from time to time and for whatever reason there may come time you have to replace the rotor in your brushless motor.


Never fret! This is one of the easiest and cleanest jobs you can do in RC.


In my case, I broke a shaft off and it was completely my fault.


Broken Rotor on Brushless Motor



I'll be performing this replacement on a Tekin T8 motor. One of the finest mechanical devices I've seen in the radio control world.


To remove the rotor, simply remove the 8 screws from the top of the motor and pull the rotor straight out. The magnets are very strong, so you'll need to pull with a little force.


Looking down inside the motor, you can see all of the electronics and sensors. The stator (outside) determines the turn or Kv by the wind, but the rotors are the same and Tekin replaced mine for free.


Rotor removed from brushless motor



A broken rotor


broken brushless rotor



To replace the rotor, simply slide the new rotor into the motor and tighten the screws back down. You are ready to go.


Replacement brushless rotor


Replaced Brushless Rotor





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