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RC How To:

Replace Gears in Traxxas 2075 Servo (2)



This does not require you to remove the entire servo, but you can if you want. I did not. I only disconnected it from the servo-saver/arm and chassis and performed the work on the truck itself.


Replace Servo Gears 2072



4 screws on the bottom and the top pops right off exposing the gears.


Servo apart



The gears will slide off pretty easily. If you need the help of a screwdriver just start with the top gears.


Lube up the new gears.


Lube servo gears



Slide the new gears and bearings on. (I stripped this one fast so these bearings were still new) I greased the rubber seal a little to help keep the water out. Once the servo was put back together I sprayed the entire servo down with WD-40 to even further the water protection.


Finished Traxxas 2075



Install the servo back into place. Be sure to center it before attaching arm.




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