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Replace Gears in Traxxas 2075 Servo



Traxxas has a waterproof servo which is great because it's attached to the Slash that an 8 year old likes to drive straight to the water. Unfortunately the gears in them are plastic, so I have replaced a few of these servos already. Keeping the truck waterproof.


For some reason Traxxas doesn't offer a metal gear upgrade but they do offer the gears to replace which is a lot cheaper than shelling out $40 every time the gears strip.


This one stripped in the center where the screw holds it to the servo saver/arm.


Stripped Traxxas 2075 Servo



I needed Traxxas part #2072. Part runs about $4. Comes with all the gears and bearings.


Traxxas 2072



Instructions for servo gears






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