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HPI Blitz ESE Kit



HPI Blitz ESE KitHPI releases a kit for the Blitz short-course truck. I knew if I waited long enough, that I would be rewarded. I wasn't sure what to think about the white parts, but the more I look at it, the more I like it.


The chassis is outfitted with tons of premium upgrades and tuned performance parts. The parts are actually colored coded.





- High performance parts are color coded white, cool gray, and warm grey. Not only does this enhance the style of the truck, it lets you know at a glance which part is the high response performance part.


- Stiffer composite main chassis that quickens the overall response of the truck.


- Firm front arms give more precise steering feel while the rear arms help free up the truck in corners.


- Firm shock towers provide less flex, allowing the shocks to do more of the work. Much more responsive to oil and spring changes.


- Firmer skid plates: jump take-offs and landings are more aggressive. Less compliance means sharper response.


- Firmer bumpers offer more body protection.

HPI Blitz ESE white performance parts



- Composite front bulkhead: keeps the front end more rigid, allowing for a more precise and responsive front suspension.


- Aluminum front arm mount: much more precise front suspension action. Set screws keep the aluminum from wearing and also take full advantage of the firm front arms.


- Aluminum shock bodies provide more precise action for improved chassis response.


- Aluminum shock top caps provide more precision and response. They also have enhanced bleeding function when building shocks.


- Aluminum cartridge cap allows a delrin washer to be added between o-rings to reduce shaft deflection and friction.


- Pre-load lock collars allows locking of collars so preload adjustments don't change.


- Firm suspension mounts: more precise alignment of suspension helps make adjustment more noticeable. Parts develop less play over time and take full advantage of the firm rear arms.


- Ball differential: ceramic diff balls mated to a ball race and a steel gear ensuring you get great ball diff action without compromising the strength of the all-metal drivetrain. High quality outdrives ensure long part life. The diff is easily adjusted with a 2.5mm driver so you can tune the feel to your driving style. The diff also shaves 20g of rotating weight from the gearbox.


HPI Release new Blitz



Check it out on their site:

HPI Releases Blitz Kit <--



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