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Team Associated SC10 Kit



Overall this is a great kit, easy to build and a fun truck to drive. I appreciate AE offering a kit this day and age (seems us kit builders have been forgotten about) but they could have offered a few hopped up parts over the RTR for the price paid. No extra's, so careful when building. And get ALL of your hexes out because you'll need them for this build. Metric and SAE.


Very few issues during the build. I was surprised there were no steering bearings, so I added those (FT#3971). I had my first and last experience with roll pins. Scraped those and used some solid pins (FT#1654). I added a couple of extra shims to the axles to keep the pins in and have had no issues with them falling out, it also took out some slop.


I built the diff with 2k fluid, but have out 10k in for fun on the street. On the street the stock tires really claw at the pavement and make real car squealing noises. But on the track they don't work so well, so I'll swap them with JConcepts Goosebumps when I head out to the track.


I over powered mine with a sidewinder/5700kv setup. I run a RR 16t pinion and 87 spur. The temps never get over 150. I can adjust the punch/throttle control and the power with the Castle Link so I can tone it down when on dirt and crank it up on pavement.


The Tx/Rx is digital and very smooth and steering is done with an ACE DS1313 servo providing more than enough power and great speed. Wrenching on it is simple because it is electric, but it'll take your collection of hexes to do any, so carry them all with you.


Overall this is an excellent fun short-course truck and I consider it a step up from my Slash in performance, but a step down in ruggedness.


Here's a SC10 promotional video:





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