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Rock crawling is great, I love it. It allows me to relax while enjoying RC. Don't get me wrong, I love to go fast, but sometimes it's nice to slow it down, fire up the BBQ pit and sit and crawl around the backyard.


As much as I love rock crawling, Houston is not the place to do it. For those not familiar with the area, THERE IS NO ROCK. No naturally occuring rock and Houston is flat. Limestone has to be imported from the Austin area so rock is not cheap here.


After giving up finding a good place to crawl in Houston, I decided to make my own small rock garden in the backyard. A buddy of mine comes over with a trail truck so we made a trail as well. Here are some pics.


Rock Garden in Houston TX


RC Rock Crawling


Backyard Rock Garden RC


Radio Control Rock Crawling



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RC Crawling pics

RC Rock Crawling

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