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Axial AX10 Scorpion Crawler



Before the AX10 people had to piece together their crawlers from various rigs and parts. Axial was the first to offer a purposed built crawler in a kit form. Hats off to Axial for making a kit. Too many companies have gone the RTR or ARTR only route. Those are fine as long as you offer a kit too for people like me.


Whipnet's AX10 Scorpion Axial AX10



Modifications: (Click mod for image)


Novak Rooster Crawler ESC

Novak 55t motor

Futaba R603FF

GH Racing Aluminum Axles

Axial High Clearance bent links

FLM Skid Plate Links

Lunsford Ti servo link

Lunsford Ti adjustable wishbone TB's

Racers Edge servo arm

MIPS CVD C-Drive Spline set
Vanquish aluminum rims FM Series
Losi Rock Claws
Losi 4" aluminum threaded shocks

STRC Knuckles

STRC upper suspension links

Spilt pack 6-cell



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AX10 in Colorado Snow



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