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Dog-Bone Pinion Holder



I use many sized tires on my Savage from huge Goliath's to stock GT2 size and even down to the smaller Badlands from Proline. Different sized tires means different sized pinions.


I use Robinson Racing hardened pinions and spurs for my 1:8 needs, but I could not find two of them together the other day when I needed them. I needed a way to keep all of my pinions together and was about to settle on a servo box when I spotted a busted Savage dog-bone.


5mm Pinion Holder - Dog Bone



What Savage owner doesn't have a busted dog-bone? And they usually break in the same clean spot that you can see above. Most 1:8 bones are 4mm or 5mm making them perfect holders for a 5mm pinion.


Slide them right on and tighten them down. Makes an easy piece to throw into your toolbox when headed out to the track or favorite bash spot.


Savage Dog Bone Pinion Holder


Easy storage.


Savage Pinion Holder



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