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HUDY Off-Road Car Stand



Part# 108170. Here is another gem from HUDY RC Products. It's an off-road car stand that also doubles as a shock rebuild stand. It provides super-stable platform when working on your vehicle. Its clean smooth design and black powder coated surface ensure maximum long life.


Small rubber footpads provide sure footing and two soft foam strips bonded to the top surface provide good grip to hold the vehicle while working on it and without damaging the underside of the chassis.


HUDY Off-Road Car Stand 108170


Strategically-placed holes provide a great place for temporarily storing standard or big-bore shocks during rebuilds. I have built shocks as large as the Baja 5B shocks with this stand with no problems. Laser-engraved markings (FL, FR, RL, RR) ensure you keep track of the proper shocks.


HUDY Car Stand Shock Builder



The car stand is made for 1:8 scale off-road, but it holds my 1:8 scale on-road just as well.


HUDY Car Stand with DM-1



There is a smaller version specifically for 1:10 on-road as well from HUDY (Part 108150).


HUDY RC Products



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