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Li-Po Cell Voltage Checker



Here is an excellent, inexpensive, convenient, life-saver of a tool. It's a hand-held lithium battery voltmeter. It measures LiPo's, LiFe, or Li-Ion batteries from 2s to 6s packs. And small enough to attach to your key chain, or wrist or neck strap.


The voltage checker measures and displays individual cell voltages as well as overall pack voltage on its LED display.


A few companies sell these under their own name. I got one from E-Flite.


LiPo Cell Voltage Checker - E-Flite


To use, you simply line up the black wire from your balance connector to pin one and plug in. It will rotate through the numbered cells and then show an ALL for the entire pack. Below if a picture of a single cell.


Voltage Cell Checker / Meter


It's a perfect tool for the track or for those who own a lot of batteries for a lot of vehicles and have trouble keeping up with the current charge levels of them all. Now you can easily check in seconds. $14.




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