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Loctite Thread Locker



There are many types of thread locker out there, but I prefer to use the orignal. Henkel Loctite Blue 242 and Red 271.


I felt I had to make this tool #1. This tool will be more important to nitro and gas guys, but I find myself coming up with uses for it on my electric as well. Hands down no hobbyist should be with out a few tubes of this stuff.


The Blue 242 is most common and most recommended. The red will lock and NOT come off. (Not without a lot of heat and torque) You should use great caution when using the red or just play it safe and always use the blue. Place a little of this on any metal to metal screw or connection, let it dry and you won't have to worry about screws backing themselves out due to heavy vibration. (Do not use on plastic. For plastic use Tite'n 82362)


You can pick up Loctite at any hardware or automotive store in the glue section. Both are pictured below.




Henkel Loctite Thread Locker



Loctite Thread Locker is made by:


Henkelstrasse 67
Duesseldorf, 40589
+49-211-7970 (Phone)



North America:


Henkel Corporation, Bay Point
Location: 2850 Willow Pass Road, Bay Point, CA 94565, United States
Phone: 925 458 8000
Fax: 925 458 8030


Henkel Corporation, Madison Heights
Location: 32100 Stephenson Highway, Madison Heights, MI 48071, United States
Phone: 248 583 2976
Fax: 248 583 2976



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