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Nitro Tool Belt



I won't get started on the nitro electric thing. I like them both and each for different reasons.


One of the downsides of nitro is the fact that at some point your motor might die. And when you are bashing out in the Texas open, you can find yourself far from your starter.


Pull starts can be a blessing here, but you still have to pocket a glow igniter and frankly I hate pull starts. I like my skin ON my knuckles.


I picked up a standard electricians tool belt to overcome this. I picked this Husky model for its size and pocket count.


RC Nitro Tool Bag


My roto-start easily fits into the main pocket along with a couple of glow plug igniters, hexes, tuning screw drivers, temp gun and various other things that might come in handy.


Husky Tool bag


Nitro How-to: Toolbag



As you can see the roto pulls out easily without dragging out other tools with it. It attaches via clip and belt loop, so you can be sure it's not coming off.


Roto-start removal



You can pick up one of these bags or something like this at your favorite hardware store.


Bag shown is by:


Husky Corporation
2325 Husky Way
Pacific, MO 63069


Toll-free 800-325-3558
Phone 636-825-7200
Fax 636-825-7300





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