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Shoe Goo - RC Do Everything Tool



There should not be a hobby room on this planet that does not have a tube or two of this Goo... super useful adhesive.


The maker Eclectic Products makes many kinds of Goo in different levels of strength and elasticity, but in the hobby world, you'll normally just hear it referred to as "Shoe Goo" and you cannot go wrong with it.


I use Amazing Goop on the things I will be removing often as well as waterproofing; it can be easily peeled away when done. Shoe Goo for holding ESC's and receivers, it works as a great padded shock reducer for your electronics which is a huge added plus. And then E-6000 for the tougher applications like temporary body and rim repair.


The uses for this stuff seem almost endless.

Made in the U.S.A.


Eclectic Shoe Goo - Super RC Tool


Made in USA


Eclectic Products, Inc.


101 Dixie Mae Drive
Pineville LA 71360-3993



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