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Regardless if your thing is nitro, electric, or gas, one of the most important precautionary tools is a good temp gun.


With nitro you need it for testing your motors temperature. This should be done at the base of the motor if possible and not the engine head. But aiming it directly at the glow plug can get a pretty close reading if you can't hit the base.


For electric and the new insane power of brushless motors and Li-Po batteries you need to make sure your motor as well as the speed control (ESC) is not overheating.


Most temp guns are the same with just a different label on it. There are very high quality ones for automotive and various task, but they are not really needed for R/C in my opinion. A $20-$30 dollar works just fine.


R/C Temp Gun


Mine is an OFNA, but again there are many just like these with simply a different brand. Just make sure you get one with a MAX reading. Very handy.


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