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X-Acto Knives and Blades



This is another biggie in the RC hobby tools department. I can't imagine trying to do this hobby without X-acto knives.


Originally the company made syringes and precision medical equipment, but the X ACTO knife that became the industry standard was created when an X ACTO advertising artist needed a retouching knife. Doniger created one from his employee’s sketch, and it worked so well that the company began manufacturing the product for other artists and hobbyists.


X-acto has many different blade types and knives, but my favorite and all I ever need are the #11 blades and the knives that match.


X-ACTO blades #11



I primarily use just two tools. One has a nice comfort grip and full size, the other I cut off the end making it an excellent tool for scoring RC bodies for easy cutting of the lexan.


RC Hobby Knives - XACTO



I recommend keeping plenty of these blades around and replace them often. A dull x-acto can be very frustrating. I replace mine for every lid I do or important cut I have.



Made in USA



X-ACTO | Elmers Products


Elmer's Products, Inc.

1 Easton Oval

Columbus, Ohio 43219



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