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Airbrush Cleaning Pot



Before getting one of these, having somewhere to spray to clean my airbrush was hit or miss. The best thing I came up with was a Tupperware container that I would hold the top over while cleaning.


This cleaning pot from Sparmax (Parma Faskolor) accomplishes this much better and much cleaner, all while costing under $20.


Sparmax Airbrush Cleaning Pot


The bowl is made of glass giving it great stability. Along with the brace it provides a sturdy place for your airbrush to rest while you are painting as well as cleaning.


Just rest the brush down on the holder and pull the trigger. The waste is directed to the bottom of the bowl to reduce mist. The rubber seal and filter keeps it clean and safe when using acrylics or thinners.


Airbrush Cleaning Station


Inexpensive and very useful. Recommended for all who use an airbrush for their hobby painting.





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