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Relocate Antenna on Axial AX10



Here is a simple modification that takes only minutes. Relocating the antenna to a lower mounting spot only takes unscrewing it, drilling one hole and screwing it in with a screw that is 2mm longer.


For any AX10 it will lower CG as anything will with mass when placed lower. For AM/FM guys this will help get the antenna easily under the body where it needs to be. For me personally I am relocating it for NASA to attach a plate to it and use for demonstration purposes. No joke.


In the stock skid plate directly below the original location of the antenna mount, drill a hole using a 5/64th bit about 1/2 way through the skid plate; you do not need to drill all the way through. This is a little smaller than the screw so it will make a nice tight fit.


AX10 Antenna Relocation



Use a screw that is about 2mm longer and it should fit down in there nice and snug.


Antennae Modification



Modification takes less than 5 minutes and one small screw.


Finished Antennae Modification for AX10 Scorpion




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