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Fix a Cracked Lexan Body (2)



Now you'll need to get the drywall tape out. Cut a piece that completely covers the crack and stop hole you drilled.


The tape should be sticky so you can press it into place and it should hold for the next part. One piece is all you will need. It will be reinforced by the Goop.


drywall tape for fixing lexan body


Apply tape for lexan body



Now apply a generous amount of Amazing Goop or Shoe Goo, or something that will flex when dry. Some have pointed out that using water or non-stick cooking spray on your finger helps when spreading the goop.


Amazing Goop



Let dry and you now have a fix lid that will buy you some time before it completely falls apart.


Finished How To RC body



You can also see how this works well for the mounting holes. I have had no trouble since doing this. After several times at the track, the lid has started to crack again, but not in the repaired spots.




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