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Traxxas Slash Brushless Upgrade - 2

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Now for the new stuff. I have a Castle Sidewinder/5700 in my SC10 and have had no problems with it. So when I saw the price for the new SCT Sidewinder combination for 2WD and 4WD, I knew it would be perfect for the Slash. The 3800 would give it the right amount of speed for him and the right amount of torque for the heavier Slash.


The first thing I did when I took it out of the box was plug it into my Castle Link to make sure I had the latest updates as well make the settings I wanted before putting it into the truck. I can tweak the curves and braking after driving it a bit.


Slash Castle Link Brushless Upgrade



Next was to solder a connector to the ESC. I normally use nothing but Deans now, but I have a lot of 2s batteries that are Traxxas ends, and there is nothing wrong with those, so I went with that for this project.


Traxxas connector for Castle esc



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