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Traxxas Slash Brushless Upgrade - 3

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The only thing left was to install the setup into the Slash. I originally thought about installing the ESC where the old one came out, but the wires that came with the setup were very long and I didn't have any bullets that small to shorten the wires. I will eventually fix this and use only as much as needed.


Putting it on the opposite side of the Slash from the receiver would help balance the truck a little as well.


Ran the wires up to the esc and used a shrink tube to help contain the long wires.


Slash Brushless Upgraded



The motor was as simple as two screws and the pinion and setting the gear mesh.


Brushless Motor Installed



For the price this was a perfect system to upgrade the kiddo's Slash. I am sure he'll want a 4WD one soon and I'll be able to pop this right in if needed. Great speed and plenty of torque for all 1:10 short-course trucks.



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