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NASA RC Rover Robotic Arm

(NASA adds a robotically controlled arm to the Killer Krawler)




For the 2011 NASA Innovation Day at JSC in Houston, they have taken what was once a simple Killer Krawler and taken it to an entirely new level.


We will be using both the Killer Krawler and my AX10 this year. They have added a robotic arm to the rear of the rover that will be picking up rocks and placing them into a box that will be on top of my AX10. They control the arm with a playstation game controller.


I can't take credit for the addition of the arm; I am only reporting it here. Here are some cool pictures.


NASA Rover Robotic Arm


Adding arm to killer krawler


Killer Krawler NASA Robotic Arm


Robotic Arm




NASA Rover with Robotic Arm




Also see the recent video of the rover and helicopter in action <--


NASA Killer Krawler Build

RC Crawling pics

RC Rock Crawling





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