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RC Nitro CleanerIt's called nitro cleaner because it does such a wonderful job of degreasing and cleaning nitro mess. But this is plastic safe and can be used just about anywhere. Another great tool that compliments this cleaner is compressed air. You basically spray down your vehicle (be careful of the electronics) let it sit for a couple of minutes and then blow it off. Voilà! Looking like new.



Nitro Cleaner Recipe:

Mix 2 parts denatured alcohol with 1 part Simple Green. Store the cleaner inside a pump spray bottle, and top off the brew with a capful of WD-40. To remix the solvents, be sure to shake the bottle before every application. One gallon of denatured alcohol and 2 liters of Simple Green will make enough nitro cleaner to last months.


By themselves all three of these products are great cleaners so always keep some separate. You can find denatured alcohol, Simple Green, and WD-40 at any hardware store.





Denatured AlcoholSimple GreenWD-40


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