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Tool Bit Holder



I like this one because it cost little to nothing and it allows me to have my tool tips at hands reach and use very little space on my work bench, something I need all I can get now... space.


All you need is a 12-18 inch 2x2 and a drill. You'll need to drill the holes slightly larger than your bit sizes. I have a set of HUDY bits that are all 1/4 inch and used in my electric screwdriver, so I used the next step up in drill bit sizes so I used a 17/64. This leaves a nice snug fit, but still easy to remove for use.


Simple, organizing and tucks away nicely on a workbench.

Tool Bit Holder for hex tools


As mentioned, this fits nicely and out of the way. I have limited space so it works great for me.


Workbench tool bits



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