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Venom GPV-1 Motorcycle



RC bikes are not real big in the U.S. But a great inexpensive entry bike the 1:8 scale GPV-1 is making great headway. I wanted something a little different so I decided to get one. The hop-up offerings are great.


These high performance RC motorcycles are designed to look and feel like the high powered Moto GP race bikes and they don't disappoint in look or in handling.



Venom GPV-1 no lid Venom GPV-1 1:8 Motorcycle



You can take this motorcycle on the road going slow or at high speeds and the handling is excellent, which makes it perfect for the beginner RC motorcyclist or for someone experienced in RC vehicle handling that wants to try something new and high powered.




Modifications: (Click mod for image)


FMP - Nylon Scratch Bar Set - Mod

FMP - Alloy Body Mounts

Venom (0352) - Alloy Forks

Venom (0300) - Alloy Triple Clamps

Venom (0329) - Alloy Steering Stem / Cross

Venom (0339) - Steering Bearings

Futaba - R603FS Receiver





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