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RC How To:

GPV-1 Complete Steering Upgrade



There are many hop-ups for the Venom GPV-1. And like all of my other vehicles, I like to start the upgrading with the steering.


The stock steering setup is more than adequate for the bike. Steering is much different on an R/C motorcycle and you don't need a lot a throw to steer the bike.


Some of the reasons for this upgrade were to add alloy parts for weight as well as bling factor. The forks make a huge difference and both show and go. The servo was upgraded so I could go all digital mode on my radio.



Parts used:

Venom - 0352 - Alloy Forks & Preload Adjustment

Venom - 0300 - Alloy Triple Clamp Set

Venom - 0339 - Steering Bearing Set

Venom - 0329 - Alloy Steering Stem

Hitec - HS-5085MG - 60oz Digital Servo

Venom - 0327 - Alloy Servo Mount



GPV-1 Stock GPV-1 Upgraded Steering



Page 2 - Removing Front Wheel and Forks

Page 3 - Preparing Alloy Forks

Page 4 - Triple Clamps, Bearings, and Steering Stem

Page 5 - Servo Upgrade



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