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Change Weller ET Series Soldering Tips



Changing the soldering tips on a PES51 pencil is very simple. You just have to make sure to take your time and don't force anything. Damaging your iron is not only possible, but easy when replacing the tips, so procede with care.


The first thing of course is NOT to do this when the iron is hot. Turn off and unplug your iron or base. I use the Weller WESD51 so I hit the switch and disconnect the power source. It will cool in about 5 minute's time. I use my temp gun to be sure.


Start by slowly unscrewing the barrel nut assembly.


Replacing Weller ET Series Tips


Continue to slowly turn the barrel passed the threads. Do not force anything here, the metal is very thin and the heater/sensor assembly is inside. Pull it completely off and then pull the tip very slowly not to damage the sensor inside.


PES51 Soldering Pencil Sensor


Reverse the process, still taking care. Insert the new tip and screw down the barrel twisting it slowly as you did when removing it. Hand tighten only. If this is a new tip, be sure heat it up and tin it before using it.


Replace tip insert into iron


The stand that came with my station holds 6 extra tips nicely. Click below for a list of ET series tips.


Weller Soldering Station stand



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