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OFNA DM-1 Spec / Electronics

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Now for the fun and final part of this build. THE ELECTRONICS. The heart and soul of any R/C vehicle. These components have a huge impact on what you are trying to accomplish, so I never go lightly.


This car is being built for fun more than anything. I might race it and I might make insane high-speed runs, but one thing is certain, I want to have fun with it.


For the speed control and motor duties I went with Tekin. Their RX8/T8 combination works magically in my HPI Savage conversion and is very smooth thanks to it being sensored, so I went with another similar setup.


This one would be in the buggy variety (Tekin has motors for buggies and truggies) and the 2650kv flavor. I will be running 4s in most cases, so I want to be able to get the speed I want.


Tekin RX8/T8 2650kv


The sensor wire is a little too short to reach from the ESC to the motor, so unless you plan on relocating the speed control make sure you pick up an extended sensor wire. I went with Tekin's 275mm. (#TT3813)


Tekin Parts


For the receiver I use nothing but the Futaba R603FS. I have never lost contact with any of my R/C using these and I have been using them for years. Nothing worse than losing control of your expensive R/C vehicle because you cheaped out on the radio equipment.



This car is done and ready to run.


T8 motor mounted


DM-1 conversion completed



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