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RC How To:

OFNA DM-1 Spec / Chassis Swap

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The first part of the conversion is swapping the chassis which is a pretty simple process.


After removing a lot of screws (a cordless screwdriver helps here a lot) the car will come apart in 3 pieces. The front end, the rear end, and the center 2-speed tranmission.


Here is a picture of the bottom of the car. Take note which screws come from where because they are all not the same size.


DM-1 Nitro Chassis bottom



The Tekno chassis is a bit wider than the stock one, but the length is the same.


nitro and brushless chassis



Remove the 3 pieces and attach to the new chassis, it's a perfect fit. Here is the front and rear completed.


Chassis build for DM-1



Next connect the 2-speed center transmission. Don't forget to attach the axles before screwing it down. And use threadlock on the screws. The transmission sits a little off-center with this chassis, but the axles still fit, so the stock dogbones work here.


Attached 2 Speed Tranmission



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