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OFNA DM-1 Spec / Servos

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For the servos I knew I wanted something fairly strong but very fast for the steering and something strong enough for the brake servo.


For the steering I went with the ACE DS1015. With it's 200oz torque and .10 speed it fit right into what I was shooting for. I use a DS1313 in my SC10 and love it, so I had no doubt about ACE's ability to fulfill the DM-1's steering needs.


ACE DS1015 Servo



For the braking duties speed isn't a big issue, but I do need some grunt from it, so I went with the trusty Hobbico CS-150. It also has almost 200oz of torque, but is a little slower. It is also only $40.


Hobbico CS-150 Servo



Here is a video of the servos working. The steering servo is the fastest I have ever owned.





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