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RC How To:

Add to RPM arms to a SC10 - Rear



When I did the walk-through for the front arms, RPM hadn't released the rear ones yet. But they have now, I've acquired some and I can finish the walk-through.


I didn't break anything this time; I just wanted to add these to toughen up the rear like the front is now.


Again, a very simple mod thanks to RPM and Team Associated for designing an easy truck to work on.


Made in USA


Parts needed

RPM # 70742 - Rear Arms for Associated SC10 and T4

RPM Rear Arms for SC10



The tools used are the same as the front mod.


3/32" Hex

1/16" Hex

0.05" Hex

Phillips screw driver

Small punches for the hinge pins


Step one is removing the rear shocks.


How-to Add RPM arms to SC10


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