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Muchmore True Weight Scale



Muchmore has a scale that is perfect for RC. Weighing parts has never been easier or more accurate.


The scale is good up to 500 grams (17oz) so it won't weigh an entire rig, but for most individual parts it's great.


It runs about $40. I picked mine up at my local hobby shop.



Muchmore True Weight Scale



Comes with a nice pouch to keep it protected when not in use. My wrenching room can get rather dusty when using the compressed air.


The size makes it perfect for RC hobbyist. You can pop it in your toolbox for the track if you felt the need.


Muchmore Scale


It will measure in g, oz, ct, ozt , and dwt.


True Weight Scale Digital



Part # - MR-HAK2


Automatic time off - 3 Minutes

Operation temperature - 10-30 C

LCD Display - 5 digits

Dimensions - 114x76x19.5mm

Power - 2 AAA batteries

Weight - 116g

Super stainless tray - 73x65mm

Tare function




127-1 Poondong

Goyang-city, Geonggi-do 411-842


Phone 047-369-7887
Fax 047-344-2259





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