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Savage X / Baja 5B Shock Mod (6)



The finished product is a stout modification that will allow you to fear no jump. The shocks are internally adjustable. I have them on the softest settings but there still is no bottoming out and absolutely no bounce. Just a nice "swoosh" when it hits the ground. It just seeps ruggedness.


Below the pictures are the part numbers and links to the product themselves.



Complete Baja 5B Shock Mod


Savage X Shocks



Below you can see by using these parts, I was able to get full travel from the big 1:5 scale shocks!



Full Travel Shocks


Shocks Full Travel




HPI BAJA 5B RTR Front Shocks - 87464 (x2)

Recommended yellow springs - 86756 (x2)


Flextek Titanium Suspension Arms - FXT-12001 (x4)


GH Racing Shock Towers - 02026


Integy Rear Hub Carriers - T6906SILVER



If you have comments or questions please contact me here at RCCOH.




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