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Savage X / Convert Nitro to Brushless (2)

(Transmission Conversion)



The first part of the build would be the transmission. I debated getting the Kershaw direct drive, and the FLM transmission forward TVP setup, but I wanted to keep this as stock as possible. Meaning keeping the transmission where it is to allow stock length drive-line dog bones to be used. That way I wouldn't be dependent on an individual company if I twist a bone one Sunday afternoon.


I decided to replace the 2 speed with the single speed by adding the Flux idler gear (HPI100905). This also locks it both directions so I can use the speed control and motor for my braking.



Idler Gear Installed Savage Transmission



I beefed up the upper 18-23 gears by swapping them for HPI heavy duty version for the Flux (HPI102514). Here they are side by side. The H/D one is the black one.


Savage Trans HD gears HD gears 2


For these gears to slide on to, I upgraded to the titanium drive shaft (HPI86345). It's 40% lighter and stronger than the steel one.


Transmission Drive Shaft - Steel - WeightHPI Titanium Drive Shaft - Weight


Next for the transmission is the outside. For the spur I used a Robinson Racing hardened steel 48 tooth. It came with a bearing (nice bonus over the stock bushing) and needed only a HPI pad to complete it.


I added the heavy duty drive cups and attached it to the FLM motor mount. The transmission is ready.


HD Transmission


Savage Brushless Transmission


transmission install


(The bottom idler gears exploded when I ran 6s batteries, so I went with the light weight steel ones and so far they have held up. See here -> Install light weight idler gears)



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