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Savage X / Convert Nitro to Brushless (6)




At this point of the conversion any 1:8 motor and speed control can be used.


The Kershaw mount I used actually even allows for 2 motors, but the Tekin RXB speed control and the T8 2250kv motor will be more than enough power and torque to propel this thing to ludicrous speeds.


I went with the truggy motor setup. The 4038 version. This is an incredible sensored power house. And speaking to Jim over at Tekin, I know their support is 2nd to none as well.


Tekin Sensored RX8 T8 4038


Tekin ESC / Brushless  Kit


I also got the Hotwire programmer so I can tweak it on the laptop.


Tekin Hotwire ESC Programmer


SunkenMetal has a better iron, so he helped me with the soldering. (The fun stuff)


Soldering Tekin RX8 / T8


Ready to roll....


Savage X Brushless Conversion Completed


A couple of tweaks using the Hotwire including setting the LiPo cutoff (the default is off) and this thing was ready to bash.


Tekin Hotwire Laptop


The conversion cost me about as much as a Flux. I could have just gone down to my LHS and bought one, but that's not how I do things and this is no Flux. This is more of a Flux on roids. 2 things... I have never burned down my Goliath tires on pavement before and the HPI wheelie bar works very well. :)


I am also sold on sensored brushless. Video of maiden run. <--


The Savage Brushless Beast


Parts used:

ESC/Motor - Tekin RX8/T8 2250kv TT2320 4038

Motor Mount - Kershaw Designs


--Flux Idler Gear and Shaft - HPI 100905

--HD Drive Gear 18-23 - HPI 102514

--Titanium Drive Shaft - HPI 86345

--HD Cup Joints - HPI 86276

Spur Gear - Robinson Racing 48T Steel 7248

Pinion Gear - Robinson Racing Hardened 1.0 Mod 12t-20t

Wheelie Bar - HPI 85245

Battery Boxes:

--Box Set - HPI 100908

--Box Mount - HPI 100909

--Holder Pads - HPI 102089

Hotwire ESC Programmer - TT1450



If you have any questions about this conversion, please contact me here at



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